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Japan-Russia-United States Study Group on Dumped Nuclear Waste in the Sea of Japan, Sea of Okhotsk, and the North Pacific Ocean
January 12-13, 1995

Organized by:
Center for International Security and Strategic Studies, Mississippi State University;
United States Geological Survey, Department of Interior;
and Center for United States-Japan Studies and Cooperation, Vanderbilt University

Sponsored by:
The Japan-United States Friendship Commission
and the Office of Naval Research

The purpose of this study group is to provide a neutral forum in which participants may freely exchange views and pen new channels of communication.  Its focus is two-fold:  (1) the collection and compilation of data, as well as evaluation of the present conditions of existing dumping istes in the Sea of Japan, Sea of Okhotsk, and the North Pacific Ocean; (2) the discussion and identification of alternative disposal methods for radioactive wastes agreeable to all parties.  The areas of risk assessment, data collection, site analysis, public health, and disposal alternatives will be thoroughly explored by all panelists in a round-table format--a proven strategy which provides spirited discussions and frank exchange of viewpoints and ideas.


  • Mr. Ichiro Uchida, Senior Fellow, Asia Foundation
  • Minister Yukiya Amano, Delegation of Japan to the Conference on Disarmament, Geneva
  • Mr. Hideaki Domichi, Economic Counselor, Embassy of Japan
  • The Honorable Isao Ohtsuka, Consul General of Japan, Japanese Consulate
  • Mr. Naotoshi Sugiuchi, Deputy Director General for Arms Control and Scientific Affairs, Foreign Policy Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)
  • Mr. Masato Nagase, Assistant General Manager, Mitsubishi International Corporation, Washington, DC
  • Mr. Yukiomi (Mark) Hashizume, Vice President, Tomen America, Inc.


  • Mr. Mikhail Shchevev, Scientific Secretary, Embassy of Russia
  • Dr. Alexander V. Tkalin, Head, Department of Ecological Monitoring, Far Eastern Hydrometerological Research Institute (FEHRI)
  • Dr. Valentin Pokoudov, Executive Director, Green Cross, Far Eastern Branch
  • Mr. Valeri Butov, Member of the Board, Green Cross, Far Eastern Branch
  • Dr. Valerii G. Gnedenko, Director for Innovative Technologies, Kurchatov Institute
  • Dr. Serguei A. Bogatov, Scientist
  • Mr. Boris Petrovich Papkovsky, Deputy Chief, Department of Naval Reactors, Ministry of Atomic Energy (Minatom)
  • Mr. Michail E. Kokeev, Directorat of International Scientific and Technical Cooperation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Mr. Vladimir Khmeinik, Scienfist, Plasma Technology, Russia
  • Captain 1st Rank Valery A. Danilyan, Chief of Pacific Fleet, Fleet Chemical Service, Russian Navy
  • Captain 1st Rank Viktor M. Zaharov, Chief of Service of Radioactive, Chemical and Biological Protection, Russian Navy



  • Congressional Representative
    • The Honorable Frank Murkowski,, United States Senator, Alaska
    • The Honorable Curt Weldon, United States Representative, Pennsylvania
  • Battelle
    • Mr. Yasuo Onishi, Pacific Northwest Laboratories
  • Department of Defense
    • Mr. Eugene Bae, Program Manager, Environmental Technology
  • Department of Energy
    • Dr. Merrill Heit, Director, Environmental Studies Division
    • Mr. Evgeni Macheret, Department of Energy-ID
    • Dr. Francis Y. Tsang, Scientific Specialists, Idaho National Engineering Laboratory
  • Department of the Interior
    • Dr. Bruce F. Molnia, Chief, International Polar Programs; Chief, International Environmental Studies; United States Geological Survey
    • Mr. Doug Posson, United States Geological Survey, ISD
  • Department of the Navy
    • Commander Christopher J. Hall, COMNAVMETOCCOM, Naval Meteorology and Oceanography, Command (N53), Stennis Space Center
    • Dr. Janice Boyd, Naval Research Laboratory, Stennis Space Center
    • Ms. Clare Brown, Naval Research Laboratory, Cartographer/Hydrographer, Geographic Information Specialist, Marine Geosciences Division, Stennis Space Center
    • Dr. Ruth Preller, Naval Research Laboratory, Stennis Space Center
    • Lt. Commander Robert Edson, Office of Naval Research, Scientific Officer
  • Department of State
    • Dr Charles Newstead, Senior Adviser for Political-Military Affairs
    • Ms. Kathy Walz, Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs
  • Department of Transportation
    • Mr. Lawrence M. Jendro, Chief of Science Branch, Ice Operations Division, U.S. Coast Guard
  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
    • Dr. Robert S. Dyer, U.S. Representative to IAEA
    • Dr. Douglas Lipka, Director, EPA Gulf of Mexico Program, Stennis Space Center
    • Mr. William A. Nitze, Assistant Administrator for International Acitivities
    • Dr. Gary Waxmonsky, Gore Chernomyrdin Commission
  • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
    • Mr. Mark Mount
  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory
    • Dr. Lee Cooper, Ecosystems Studies Section, Environmental Science Division
  • Office of Technology Assessment (OTA)
    • Dr. Lois Jollenbeck, Analyst, Environment Program
    • Mr. Bernard Lee, Researcher, Environment Program


  • Mississippi State University
    • Dr. Ralph E. Powe, Vice President for Research
    • Dr. Melvin C. Ray, Associate Vice President for Research
    • Dr. Billy C. Ward, Vice President for Institutional Advancement
  • Mississippi State University—CAST
    • Mr. Valentine Anatharaj, Research Assistant, MSU Center for Air-Sea Technology (CAST)
    • Mr. Michael Steve Foster, Senior Research Assistant, MSU Center for Air-Sea Technology (CAST)
  • Mississippi State University—CISS
    • Dr. János Radványi, Director, Center for International Security and Strategic Studies
    • Dr. Charles A. Sparrow, Professor, Chemical Engineering, and CISS Associate Faculty, Center for International Security and Strategic Studies
  • Mississippi State University—STRC
    • Dr. Roy A. Crocher, Director, Science and Technology Research Center
  • University of Colorado
    • Dr. Lakshmi Kantha, Professor
  • Vanderbilt University
    • Dr. James E. Auer, Director, Center for U.S.-Japan Studies and Cooperation
    • Dr. Frank L. Parker, Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering


  • Babcock & Wilcox
    • Mr. Payl Childress, Manager, Special Projects
  • Greenpeace International
    • Mr. Josh Handler, Research Coordinator, Greenpeace Nuclear Free Seas Campaign
  • Hancock Bank
    • Mr. Sidney L. Rushing, Vice President
  • Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership
    • Mr. Geoffery McGhee, Program Officer
  • Munro Petroleum and Terminal Corporation
    • Mr. Tommy Munto, President
  • Naptune Sciences, Inc.
    • Ms. Daphne Frilot, Oceanographer
    • Dr. James Paquin, President
  • Plasma Technology Corporation
    • Dr. S.L. (Bud) Camacho, President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)
    • Dr. Nicholas Nahas, Deputy, Asia Pacific Business Development
  • Sub Sea International, Inc.
    • Mr. Andrew Watt, Business Development Manager
  • United States-Japan Foundation
    • Dr. Ronald Aqua, Vice President, New York Office


  • Korea Ocean Research and Development Institute
    • Dr. Gi H. Hong, Research Scientist




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