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Training Seminar on Environmental Conflict Prevention and Resolution in the Danube River Basin
Budapest, Hungary
October 31-November 3, 1994

Organized by:
Center for International Security and Strategic Studies, Mississippi State University

Sponsored by:
United States Development Programme
and Barbara Gauntlett Foundation



Project Director:

  • Dr. János Radványi, Director, Center for International Security and Strategic Studies, Mississippi State University


  • Dr. Hrach Gregorian, Director, Education and Training Programs, United States Institute of Peace, United States of America
  • Professor Dr. István Láng, Science Policy Adviser, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary
  • Ms. Alissa Stern, Esq., Program Director, National Institute for Dispute Resolution, Washington, D.C., United States of America
  • Dr. Anna Vári, Senior Researcher, Institute for Social Conflict Research, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary

Project Coordinator:

  • Ms. Tan H. Tsai, Project Coordinator, Center for International Security and Strategic Studies, Mississippi State University


  • Mr. Bo Wingard, Project Manager, United Nations Development Programme, Danube Progranne Coordination Unit, Vienna, Austria
  • Ms. Jane Knecht, Coordinator, The Barbara Gauntlett Foundation, Washington, D.C., United States of America



  • Mr. Dimo Kostov, General Director, Water Supply and Sewer Company
  • Dr. Svetoslav Popov, Physician, Health Service, Tzarevsa Livada, Lovetch District
  • Ms. Vanya Tsaneva, Coordinator, Yantra River Basin Water Council


  • Mr. Damir Briek, Inspector, Environmental Protection, Ministry of Civil Engineering and Environmental protection
  • Mr. Boris Cavak, Head, Environmental Security and Protection Unit
  • Mr. Martin Pastuovic, Member of Board of Directors, PLIVA

Czech Republic

  • Dr. Josef Drozd, Vice-Head, Laboratory Manager, OA-OC Manager, Water Laboratories, Povodi Moravy, Morava River Basin Administration
  • Ing. Hana Krafková, Municipal Authority, Department of Environmental Protection
  • Dip. Ing. Jana Pokludová, Environmental Inspectorate, Water Protection Department


  • Mr. Endre Almássy, Senior Counselor, Department of International Relations, Ministry of Transport, Communication, and Water Management
  • Ms. Márta Hibbey, Head, Division for Environmental Protection, Ministry of Industry and Trade
  • Mr. Sádor Kisgyörgy, Head, Department for Water and Soil Protection, Ministry for Environment and Regional Policy


  • Mr. Rusian Melian, Ministry of Environmental Protection
  • Ms. Jevgenia Moraro, Ministry of Environmental Protection
  • Ms. Margareta Petrochevsky, Ministry of Environmental Protection


  • Ms. Vasilescu Ileana Doina, Main Inspector, Waters State Inspection, Ministry of Waters, Forests and Environmental Protection
  • Mr. Cadariu Radu, Assistant Chief Inspector, Waters State Inspector, Ministry of Waters, Forests and Environmental Protection
  • Mrs. Pescaru Iulia Vianora, Specialist in Waters, Romanian Waters Authority

Slovak Republic

  • Mr. Imrich Borbély, Lord Mayor of Trnava
  • Dr. Daniel Geisbacher, Chief Inspector, Department of Water Management Inspection, Slovak Inspection for Environment
  • Mr. Ladislav Klacanský, Head, Environmental Protection


  • Mr. Zoran Kus, Project Manager, Wastewater Treatment Project and Concession for Municipality of Maribor, Municipality of Markbor
  • Ms. Marsela Pidboj, Landscape Consultant, Ministry of Environmental Protection Slovenia, Institute for Physical Planning
  • Mr. Igor Vucer, Institute for Environmental Protection and Water Regime, Ministry of Environmental Protection and Physical Planning of Republic of Slovenia


  • Mrs. Natalia V. Movchan, Head Expert, Department of Dnieper River Problems, and Executive Secretary Danube Programme Coordinating Council in Ukraine
  • Mr. Valeriy V. Serenko, Deputy Main State Inspector, Environmental Protection
  • Mrs. Natalia A. Simagina, Assistant Country Danube Programme Doordinator for Ukraine, Senior Expert of the International Relations Department


  • Mr. Ödön Rádai, Head of Department, "Danube-Basin Ecological Convention" Temporary Secretariate, Ministry of Environment and Regional Policy, Budapest, Hungary
  • Mr. Antal Szvetnik, Counsellor, Department for International Relationship and Media, Ministry for Transport, Communication, and Water Manaagement, Budapest, Hungary




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